Importance of Change & Communications to Successful Programmes

When choosing to implement restructuring programmes in a business of any size, it is essential that the impact on employees’ morale is carefully considered, regardless of the affect that the changes might have on their role within the organisation.

Productivity and efficiency are becoming ever more important in modern business, and as we power through the 21st century it’s vital to consider all available options in order to generate the maximum ROI for each member of staff you employ. Shared Services is a great example of improving efficiency and productivity whilst reducing cost, but how could the change affect your staff?

Whether losing their job altogether or simply undertaking a change in job role, each member of staff can be affected in a variety of ways. It is the implementation of proposed changes and management of the communication to your staff during the programme that are therefore the keys to a successful transition; after all, happy and valued employees are productive employees.

Undertaking a successful Transformation programme is almost certainly likely to include the implementation of new processes, methods of reporting or even new IT systems. How this change is portrayed to your staff can have a major impact on their support, regardless of their role, throughout the entire process. Furthermore, it is of the utmost importance that new systems or processes are thoroughly explained to all affected staff members before changes are implemented if the working practices or operations are to be altered successfully.

Communication is paramount

Communication between management and employees is vital when undertaking any programme, whether significant or not. Often seen as a less-important part of any programme, communication between staff is actually paramount to a successful “buy-in” throughout your workforce. By openly sharing changes with employees about how the programme will positively affect themselves and their colleagues, you will ultimately help the business prosper as a whole.

Ensuring your entire workforce are acutely aware of any forthcoming changes or training, regardless of whether it might directly or indirectly affect them, will not only aid the programme in a smooth transition, but also improve future morale and loyalty. Informing staff of the specific changes within a programme also provides an invaluable opportunity to emphasise the benefits to the business and employees, before any misinformed negativity is able to surface.

Meticulous Methodology

There are a wide range of options available when it comes to effectively communicating the intended objectives, processes and outcomes that a specific programme aims to achieve with your workforce. The correct methodology will pertain to the particular programme you are looking to implement, alongside other factors including the size of your organisation, geographical positioning and workforce structure.

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