Tate & Lyle Assignment Summary

Tate and Lyle LogoFTSE 250 British multi-national agribusiness and specialises in the manufacture of sugar-based food ingredients, as well as other ingredients, industrial chemicals and animal foods; Revenues c£3.1 billion and c5,500 employees worldwide.

Tate & Lyle undertook a Global Business Transformation Programme (c3 year duration) involving the set up of a “captive” FSSC in Lodz, Poland (c150 FTEs) and also Global SAP roll-out; NDJ worked with the GSS Programme Director and Programme Exec, successfully filling the following 11 positions;

  • Business Transformation Programme Director (20 mths)
  • Global OCM Lead (24 mths)
  • SSC Project Manager – Systems & Processes (18 mths)
  • SAP P2P Process Design & Workstream Lead (17 mths)
  • SAP R2R Process Analyst (3 mths)
  • Business Change Manager (18 mths)
  • Finance Business Readiness Consultant (12 mths)
  • Change Manager I2P in US (14 mths)
  • (2) SAP Trainers in US (11 mths & 7 mths)
  • SAP Consultant (SEPA Project) (7 mths)